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Cityscape , which has been around for 22 years globally, has been the starting point for tens of thousands of projects, including the famous Burj Khalifa. It is known for providing value to all parties involved in the property ecosystem, including investors, architects, end-user retail occupiers, facility service providers, and developers. Its name is synonymous with the thriving real estate market.

Cityscape is the largest and most important real estate exhibition in the Middle East. Attracting investors, developers, and consumers from across the globe, it’s designed for the entire real estate ecosystem on a scale unseen. With a foundation built in delivering value against vision, the event connects investors, developers, and end-users to unique opportunities throughout the region and beyond. At the heart of our story, we are shaping the future real estate sector and the technologies driving the industry. 

What is Cityscape?

Every year, Cityscape, a worldwide coordinated event, is held in partnership with the governments of all participating nations, whether they are showcasing the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai, the emerging Saudi Arabian market, or the wide range of housing options in Egypt. 

Why are we interested?

As one of the world’s most significant real estate-related events, we are thrilled to participate and exhibit the significant upgrades that occurred in our neighborhoods.

Why should you be interested?

This will be the ideal chance since more than 50 developers will be housed under one roof. This is your chance to learn about the news in Egypt and the opportunities present in North Coast, whether you are looking for your dream home or you want to invest in the market of Egypt. Our app will provide access to a selection of offers for New Cairo or New Zayed as well.

This year, it would be different.

Cityscape is a huge hit every year, creating a buzz in the market. In addition to the large number of developers and exhibitors, this event would be much more successful now that we have the opportunity to attend Cityscape lectures, Riba design workshops, and Cityscape Wire.

Cityscape talks:

Cityscape Talks is a collaboration between top real estate developers, investors, and government representatives. We will discuss how the government’s new policies positively affect the market and facilitate the development processes and the latest real estate financing and mortgage to increase sales numbers.


  • Hossam Heiba, Chairman, General Authority for Free Zones and Investment
  • Dr. Waleed Abbas, Supervisor, Minister of Housing Office, Assistant Minister, Housing for the Affairs of NUCA, and Supervisor, Planning and Projects Sector
  • Eng. Fathallah Fawzy, Chairman, MENA, Real Estate Development Consultancy
  • Eng. Khaled Abbas, Chairman and Managing Director, The Administrative Capital for Urban Development
  • Eng. Ahmed Sabbour, Chairman, Al Ahly Sabbour for Real Estate Development
  • Eng. Waleed Mokhtar, CEO, IWAN Developments
  • Ayman Amer, General Manager, SODIC
  • Eng. Ahmed Mansour, CEO, CRED Developments
  • Edrees Mohamed, CEO, Akam Al Rajhi
  • Professor Hend Farouh, Director, Architecture and Housing Institute, Housing and Building National Research Center, Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities
  • Eng. Mohamed Hany Al Assal, CEO and Managing Director, Misr Italia Properties.

Riba design workshop:

A hasty brainstorming session intended to produce a unique design response to a problem. It is an effective, efficient, and exciting way to show how design and placemaking skills can help cities and their residents. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Cityscape believe that future architects are essential to achieving net zero design and sustainability and should be at the forefront of discussions about these crucial issues to develop sustainable transport solutions for Egypt.

Three Egypt-based architecture programs with RIBA accreditation will send students to the competition:

  • Alexandria AAST
  • Cairo AAST
  • Smart Village AAST

In a 4-hour brainstorming session, the student teams will come up with “one big idea or intervention” to address one of the most urgent problems in developing sustainable transport options. 

Cityscape wire:

The percentage of women working in real estate is steadily increasing. However, most of the real estate industry is still heavily dominated by men, and issues with women’s participation in real estate and their status as homeowners and investors persist. We hope that by holding this session, Egyptian women will be motivated, energized, and united to succeed in the real estate sector.

Mona Hussein, CEO and founder of Mona Hussein Design Studio, will serve as the moderator.
The offers will be designed to make the selling process more manageable; whether you desire a more extended payment schedule or even a discount is what prevents you from purchasing a property. Additionally, several developers are intending to release new stages and availability.


Egypt’s leading real estate developers will have a booth where we can see examples of their work. 
  • Akam Al Rajhi Development
  • Al Ahly Sabbour
  • PRE Developments
  • Tatweer Misr
  • AlQamzi Developments
  • CRED
  • Roya Development
  • Madinet Masr
  • Misr Italia for Real-Estate investment
  • Capital Group Properties (CGP)
  • Amer Group
  • Inertia
  • La Sirena Developments
  • El Attal Holding
  • Madaar Development
  • IL Cazar Developments
  • Capital Link developments
  • Egygab Developments
  • ERG Developments
  • GV Investment
  • Manara Tourism Developments
  • I Capital Developments
  • Master Group
  • Mobica For Integrated Industries
  • Anchor Developments
  • The Land Developers
  • The Marq Communities
  • Urban Lanes for Real Estate Investment
  • VOW Developments
  • Zed for North Coast Developments
  • Eight Developments
  • Memaar Alashraaf
  • ERG Developments
  • IGI Real Estate
  • Menassat Developments
  • Kennah
  • Orbit Developments
  • Radix
  • Royal Developments
  • Safwa Urban Development (SUD)
  • Sorouh Developments
  • Sky Abu Dhabi
  • Plaza Gardens Developments
  • Mobco Developments
  • Center Point Developments
  • Deyar Misr Properties (DMP)
  • Al Riyadh Misr Developments
  • Contact Developments
  • Al Tameer Arabian
  • Capital Hills Developments
  • Ariane Real Estate
  • Al Dawlia Boutique Developments
  • Arabia Development
  • El Riyad Castle Development (Valore)
  • Gates Real Estate Developments
  • Locations Developments
  • Reportage Egypt Real Estate Development
  • Real Mark

Save the date:

The event will occur in the Egypt International Exhibition Centre from September 20 through September 23, 2023.

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Supported by:

Ministry of housing utilities and urban communities.

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