The world keeps changing and everyone wants to catch up. Everything today depends on the use of technology, communication, and contact with each other, how we get our news, shop for our clothes, order food and even find out where we live or want to go. The real estate industry has been working on ways to improve their businesses, including technological advancements and innovations to better deal with customers, and grow and adapt their business to be on track with the rest of the world.

In this article, The Address Investments will show how the advances in technology and innovations have left a huge impact on the real estate industry, helping to catch up with the fast ever-changing world and attitudes of customers, everything is made to help adjust to the needs of developers, consultants, customers, etc. Property Technology has only begun to grow in Egypt and shows further advanced tech and innovations. Applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) can help quicken business operations and aid clients more efficiently. AIs such as Alexa have proven to be exceptional home assistant systems allowing them to take over house duties easily such as switching the lights on or off, playing audio and virtual reality can assist in showing the customers a model or floor plan of the house or property they wish to purchase.

Chat with us Listing Platforms and Mobile Apps:
Chat with us platforms and Mobile apps are among the most efficient ways users can utilize to browse and filter through various options of their own choosing, viewing images and listing prices. This is awfully convenient, especially for the user who wishes to buy or rent a property. It saves time instead of physically searching for one and the information they need takes time. One of those platforms and Mobile apps is called Estatebook, which acts as a place to discover different property choices. It acts as a portal for buying and selling property and offers a bridge between developers, consultants, and consumers to discuss business and services digitally, including information such as pricing and locations. Social media is also a helpful tool for users, companies like The Address Investments and their platform Estatebook will have their pages listing their posts and news about their offers and products, catching the users’ interests, keeping them informed about the news and up to date through their posts.

Virtual Property Tours:
Besides digital platforms and apps, virtual and augmented reality can also be used to assist users in exploring property choices remotely from the comfort of their homes. This helps users to give them the feel of the property and experience the design, layout, and features virtually as if they were there themselves. This tech was beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic when no one could even leave their homes for anything.

Property Management Software:
Similar to Chat with us platforms and mobile apps, Property management software helps give users the tools to manage their property such as tenant screening, keeping track of maintenance, financial updates, etc. This helps make tasks and operations move smoothly and efficiently, saving on time and costs.

Smart Homes and the Internet of Things:
Home automation systems such as AIs help give property owners the ability to digitally control various applications such as lights, security, temperature, and entertainment units. Perfect for wanting to achieve the best comfort and convenience in your homes.

Sustainable and Green Buildings:
There would only be innovation with attempts to implement eco-friendly prop-tech, developers are working to include energy-saving technologies into their homes and other properties and making it a more common occurrence. Features such as solar panels, systems that harvest rainwater and turn it into energy, and green roofs are among some of the best eco-friendly tech used to power homes without negatively affecting the environment providing more sustainable approaches and pushing for the real estate industry to be more friendly to the environment.

Finally, Innovation and technological advancements in proptech are still beginning to grow in Egypt with The Address Investments at the forefront of these new developments. The Address Investments aims to be a leading figure in the advancements of technology in prop-tech in Egypt and hopes to turn it into a leading technological hub for the real estate industry.

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